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Instantly connect and engage with website visitors who want what you have to offer. Communicate in REAL TIME with the people most interested in your products and services so you can sell more.

Get Targeted Leads Directly From Your Website

Give visitors the opportunity to reach out in the way they prefer the most so you can sell more - watch this video now to see how:

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Regular 14 Day Trials Extended for ALL Businesses During the Coronavirus Pandemic

How Our Texting System Works – 3 Easy Steps.


We install (or your team) a special code we create for your website, inviting visitors to reach out to you via text message.


Your new lead enters their name and mobile number and connects with your agent/rep. and all communications are tracked.


Your agent is immediately notified that a new lead has made contact and is available to chat via text message from a private number.

Ask yourself – if a person is willing to give you their name and actual mobile number, are they serious? Studies with 1,000’s of clients have shown that consumers choosing to text with businesses aren’t tire kickers, rather they are ready BUYERS.

Get Targeted Leads From Your Advertising.

Leverage ALL of your advertising methods when you offer consumers the option to text your business directly!

  • Your choice – we enable your existing business land line to send and receive text messages (huge asset) or we set you up with a new number just for texting purposes. We’ll create a special keyword of your choosing inside the system for people to text directly into your number that you’re using for this purpose, for example:

TEXT “DEALS” TO 555-555-5555


  • You publish that you are a text-friendly business not ONLY on your website but on any digital ads, print media, TV, radio, billboards, etc…!


When you text enable your business, you now have a brand new communication channel designed to attract more leads and sales.

Why Use Two-Way Texting in Your Business?

The businesses that dominate in the marketplace are the ones that pay close attention to consumer trends. Whether it’s the rise of the importance of online reviews over the past few years or making the best use of the communication method people love the most, these are the businesses that come out on top!


If you’re not using texting as a communication option for your website visitors or in your advertising, chances are you’re missing out on some of the most qualified leads that are investing their time to find out about you.

Undeniable Stats: The Importance of Text Messaging for Additional Leads & Sales.

Let’s take a look at what the stats are telling us...

These are just a few of the statistics available making the case for offering an SMS communication option for attracting more leads into your business.

Is Your Business Text Friendly?

If not, let us help! Join the list of other businesses and grow your sales when you use our text chat system starting today

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Are you ready to make the most of your website and advertising? Let’s connect and take a deeper dive into the world of texting as a powerful communication and customer service tool for giving your future customers a great experience. Put intelligent 2-way texting to work and ramp up your lead generation efforts!


We’ll get you set up so that you can communicate directly with your most qualified leads and close more business.


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Why is ROI Leads Text Chat Right for My Business?

In a recent report 2,000 consumers were asked about their texting habits, trends and preferences. The report looks at how SMS technology is evolving and what businesses need to do to keep up.


The conclusions were solid – large number of consumers want to text businesses but few businesses have a way to manage it. Now, we have the solution to help you bridge this all-important communication gap!


With ROI Leads Chat System you now have a classic proven technology tool at the ready for increasing sales, customer satisfaction and your return on investment with just a few easy steps.


Let’s make your business text friendly and roll out the welcome mat for your best leads to contact you via text today using our simple system and text chat dashboard.

Engage ALL of your visitors and prospects, not just a few!

As a public service we are providing businesses during the Coronavirus pandemic with our text chat system free of charge for 30 days.


Hi – my name is Elise Tooley, owner of Outreach Web Marketing and the ROILeads.net Chat System Platform.


During this challenging time we are all looking for ways to help our friends, our families…loved ones and communities get through the crisis safely and in good health.


This is a time when so many are rising to the challenges we face with hearts of compassion, determined to make a difference for the better. Our mission and goal is to do whatever we can for struggling businesses that are feeling the pain of mandatory closures and slow-downs and the financial hardships that these closures are causing.


Having multiple & effective communication avenues available to reach your market, as well as being able to easily stay in contact with staff is important, now and always…

    I’d like to introduce you to our text chat system that will help you stay in closer contact with your customer base, as well as staff and also encourage prospective customers to get in touch:
  • We can text enable, or as we call it…make “text-friendly” your business by having a customized branded text widget on your site.
  • Messages or orders that come in via your website widget or texted via keyword into your number are immediately directed to your designated agent or agents that we set up within your personalized dashboard. All incoming messages are time stamped, tracked and recorded, helping avoid miscommunications and misunderstandings.
  • If your business has a landline phone in the majority of cases we can provision the text side of your established number
    to enable your land line to be able to send and receive text messages, making your business unique and one of the most helpful in the marketplace!
  • If you’re running on a skeleton crew, this platform becomes even more valuable as it has the ability to store messages that you can come back to when you actually have the time to respond to folks, so you lose fewer calls.
  • If you have employees working remotely, if one employee is on a call, the next employee on the system will automatically receive the next call that comes in and so on by enabling our round robin feature.
  • No worries as far as revealing personal cell phone numbers to customers or leads – the system protects your privacy.

Having a 2-way available on your website for prospects and existing customers, plus the ability to text with staff helps you operate more effectively and efficiently.


  • A customer who texts into a business is FOUR TIMES more likely than with any other communication avenue, to buy a product or service. Studies have shown that one in three will buy no matter how expensive the product is.
  • Millennial customers are more inclined not to contact a business via phone. Instead, they will find another medium. With texting, people feel more in control of the conversation…it feels less risky to them and also that they’re less likely to be sold.
  • Too many businesses have forgotten about the personal touch when dealing with a customer’s needs. It all boils down to one simple thing – Preferred Communication.
  • Businesses are inundated with all of these various methods to generate and communicate with customers, having set aside one of the most powerful tools that has been around for a number of years now. It’s time to go back to the basics that we know work for businesses that successfully communicate and differentiate.

Many of your customers these days would rather text than call. You can offer them both options and provide them with a better customer experience. Reap the benefits of our ROI Leads Chat System for your business starting today.

I encourage you to reach out soon! We’re here to help you any way that we can…

Many of your customers these days would rather text than call…that’s the reality. You can offer them both options and provide them with a better overall customer experience, something that is known to increase business. I encourage you to reap the benefits of our ROI Leads Chat System for your business starting right now…


I invite you to get in touch, try our system free of charge for 30 days which includes a package of 1500 complimentary text messages. We’re also waiving onboarding fees for clients that come in during this time and after the 30 days, we’ll be discounting the monthly service as deeply as possible for clients and still be able to provide the service.


So I encourage you to reach out soon! We’re here to help you any way that we can…


My name is Elise Tooley, owner of Outreach Web Marketing, the parent company of ROILeads.net – thanks so much for reading…I wish you and your family good health and please stay safe…we are truly all in this together… 


If you have other business concerns or challenges that go beyond enhancing communications or generating leads right now, I invite you to reach out to me. There may be some other strategies that we have for your individual situation that will prove useful, either now or in the long-term once we’ve put the pandemic behind us.


Take good care and I look forward to speaking with you soon…

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